All of our straight whiskeys and bourbons are distilled using a batch style pot still so that we can pull all the nessesary congigers out of grain, and then we retain these flavors by keeping our spirits unfiltered. Utilizing this process and aging our spirits in a combination of European and American oak barrels, we have no need to add additional coloring to any of our products.

Cloudsplitter Single Malt Whiskey


With our background in brewing, we’re able to coax the subtleties and complex nature of malt into a whiskey that is innovative, yet is deeply rooted in its ancestors traditions.

Narrow cuts provide a clean spirit with savory whiskey notes. The use of multiple casks round out the whiskey with a subtle sweetness backed by the complexity of European and American oak.

Notes: Dried fruits, cherry, baking spices, nutmeg, vanilla, and caramel


2018 Great American International Spirits Awards - Bronze 
2019 Denver International Spirits Competititon = Silver
2019 Great American International Spirits Awards - Bonze
2019 New York Distilled Competition - Bronze
2019 John Barleycorn Awards - Silver

Night Spirit Straight Bourbon


The Native Americans admired the Great Horned Owl for its courage, beauty, and for being a stealth and silent hunter. Some believed the owls were reincarnated slain warriors and that an owl feather had the power to repel death and negative energy. 

Night Spirit is handcrafted by brewers with years of experience mastering the art of brewing grain. Our corn is locally grown and fermented off the grain using very narrow cuts, and taking only the sweetest spirit. This fine spirit is distilled in single batch pot stills to create a smooth and sweet bourbon. Aging in European Oak Sherry barrels delivers a slight caramel taste and a velvety, mellow finish

Notes: Biscuit, caramel, toffee, vanilla

Sugar Moon Maple Whiskey Bourbon 


Sugar Moon Maple Whiskey Bourbon is an adage to the last full moon of winter which signals the start of maple sugar season in the Adirondacks. Sugar Moon starts with our handcrafted bourbon, then combines it with locally harvested maple syrup. Exceptionally smooth, a tad sweet, and finished with a rich oak flavor. Serve neat or on the rocks. For sheet indulgence add a splash to coffee or pour over ice cream.

Notes: maple syrup, vanilla, caramel


2019 Great American International Spirits Awards - Bronze
2019 New York Distilled Competition - Bronze